Different Types of  Graduated Quilling Paper In Australia.

Graduated Quilling Paper

What many of us do not know is that quilling is an ancient art that used to be practiced from quite early times in the human history. In other words, it can also be defined as an art of making decorative and creative designs with the help of strips of curled paper. In the contemporary times, quilling paper is in huge demand in the market and this kind of paper is available in numerous colors as well as in dimensions. At the same time, quilling papers can be categorized into different types like the graduated quilling papers, the solid and colored quilling papers, along with many other types of paper. Quilling papers also come in different dimensions like ¼, 1/8, and 3/8 broad paper parcels which allow for creating various quilling decorative projects.

The aspects and types of graduated quilling paper in Australia.

The artwork of paper quilling involves the technique of crimping, coiling and rolling to make something attractive. In that case, there are various types of quilling papers that are used to bring the best effect in the designs. The following points highlight the different types of quilling papers in the current times.



  • Acid-Free Quilling Papers

One of the most important characteristics of acid-free quilling paper is that this paper is actually free of any acidic materials. This is actually a good reason to use acid-free quilling papers for designing scrapbooks, creating frames for a picture as well as for rubber stamps also. One thing that this paper guarantee is that it won’t bring any side effects on the album or in the picture.

  • Graduated Quilling papers

If someone is looking for an exceptional look then graduated quilling paper is the right choice to serve the purpose. For any kind of decorative projects graduated quilling papers is a fantastic choice since it is has a solid color that fades to white. This actually brings in a special effect in the decoration when this paper is used for designing or decorating. When graduated quilling paper is used in the quilling ring then it commences with a dark shade and ends up in a faded shade bringing in a lighter effect on the side. On the other hand, there is also a type of graduated quilling  that begins with a faded shade and ends in strong and dark color.

Graduated Quilling Paper


  • And the two-tone quilling papers

Although it is another kind quilling paper but it is a little bit similar to the graduated quilling paper. This thing has got a concrete look in terms of colors on one side and the other is faded like that of the graduated quilling paper. Here, the colour stays the same but the intensity of the colour is actually different. Furthermore, it has the capability to quill numerous papers in one lone spiral as well.

Quilling is not so tough but it also requires a little bit of dexterity and focus. However, the truth is that even a school age kid can do great work with quilling if the projects are kept within their capabilities. This is also an entertaining project and does not require knowing any rocket science to make up a good and fantastic quilling design. Moreover, quilling is actually not so hard compared to the other paper crafts that demand the person to have skills to make something beautiful.

Graduated Quilling Paper

Paper quilling is also economical and does not require lots of costs to make something pretty. Also, there are quilling tools available in the market that helps in getting more perfection in what you seek to decorate or create.

Summary: The given article highlights the various types of quilling paper available in the contemporary times. It also describes the different aspects of graduated quilling paper in Australia as well as discusses various other types of quilling paper in the current times.

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