Beeswax Candles

Bees Wax Candle Kit


All you need is a hair dryer to soften the bees wax sheets, a pair of scissors to cut out your decorations and you're on your way to rolling out amazing candles which will surprise you with a most beautiful aroma when lit. Even tiny children can make these!

This candle making kit gives instructions on how to make 200mm by 15mm straight candles or 200mm tapered candles which will burn for approximately 4.5 hours each. You may, of course, use your own skills and imagination to design and make your own variations of beeswax candles. Experiment with fragrant oils, colours and decorations – it's up to you, and the choices are endless.

Product Description

Before you start
Make sure the temperature of the room in which you are working is over 20 degrees Celsius (this allows the wax to be soft enough to roll easily without breaking). If the temperature is lower use a hair dryer to heat the wax slightly first.
Straight Candles
Step 1
Place one sheet of beeswax on a hard protected surface. Measure halfway along the longest side and use a straight edge to cut the sheet in half with a knife.
Step 2
Carefully roll the wick inside the beeswax along the 200mm edge, and at the end of the roll press down the edge. The finished candle will fit into a standard candle holder.

Tapered Candles
Step 1
Place one sheet of bees wax on a hard protected surface and cut, using a straight edge, diagonally across from one comer to the other.
Step 2
Roll the candle wick up inside the bees wax as follows
Giant Candles & Thicker Candles
It is a simple task to align an additional sheet of bees wax to the end of the sheet you are rolling. Continue rolling from one sheet to the next until your candle is the required size. The coloured beeswax sheets may also be included for an interesting effect and sheets may be cut in half lengthwise or on a taper for other effects.


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