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What many of us do not know is that quilling is an ancient art that used to be practiced from quite early times in the human history. In other words, it can also be defined as an art of making decorative and creative designs with the help of strips of curled paper. In the contemporary times, quilling paper is in huge demand in the market and this kind of paper is available in numerous colors as well as in dimensions. At the same time, quilling papers can be categorized into different types like the graduated quilling papers, the solid and colored quilling papers, along with many other types of paper. Quilling papers also come in different dimensions like ¼, 1/8, and 3/8 broad paper parcels which allow for creating various quilling decorative projects.

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200mm x 12mm, 200mm x 15mm, 200mm x 18mm, 250mm x 12mm, 250mm x 12mm + 15mm Twin, 250mm x 15mm, 250mm x 18mm, 250mm x 9mm, 300mm x 12mm, 300mm x 15mm, 300mm x 18mm, 300mm x 2mm, 300mm x 9mm


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